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Full window width jQuery TOOLS content slider.

Some features.

  • 100% window width,

    on larger screens also.

  • More content above the "fold".

    and it is SEO friendly.

  • Responsive

    Works on smartphones and big screens.

What you can do with this slider.

  • Showcase products
  • Portfolios
  • Multi step forms
  • and many more…

do you need help with the design of this slider? contact me!

I have made a plugin to make setup more easy. Please download it from github.

I created this content slider after not finding any solution to my problem. The problem was that I wanted a full window width content slider that worked on smartphones and big screens.

For the sliding effect I used jQuery Tools Scrollable and wrote my own javascript/jQuery Tools resize code to achieve 100% window width.


Settings for this demo

  circular: true, 
  touch: false, 
  easing: 'linear', 
  speed: 1100
  navi: '#navigation' 
  autoplay: true,
  interval: 3000
  width: 960